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Enjoy the Gold Coast View from the Top with SkyPoint Climb

Posted in Activites / Attractions @ Nov 30th 2015 4:04am - By Administrator
Skypoint Australia

The Gold Coast is a majestic place. It has almost everything anyone needs to have a perfect holiday. From a wide selection of pristine beaches to interesting, exciting, and memorable tourist attractions such as restaurants, theme parks, museums, and whatnots, this region boasts of having a couple of them all. Truly, it deserves to be called the Coast with the Most.

Once you’re done trying almost every good stuff on the coast, don’t you want to get a little more adventurous and appreciative by wanting to see this whole grandeur from a different perspective? For instance, don’t you want to see the Gold Coast from the top and marvel at its beauty more?

If you’re into this idea, then don’t forget to try SkyPoint Climb once you’re in Surfers Paradise.

Specifically located at 3003 Surfers Paradise Boulevard, Surfers Paradise, this adventure attraction will bring you both thrill and the most amazing views of the Gold Coast. It is a must go destination and in fact, it is the one of the bests in the region, as well as the highest external climb in Australia. So with SkyPoint Climb, you’re bound to have an unforgettable, rare, and wonderful experience of the coast.

Lasting 90 minutes from the moment you begin climbing until you finish, you’ll get a mixed feeling of getting excited and captivated as you ascend higher and higher on one of the most renowned landmarks in Queensland, the Q1 Resort Building.    

Once you’re on the top, you’ll get to appreciate the splendour of the Gold Coast 270 metres above sea level and in 360 degree view. See the beaches, the sands, the tropical mountains, and the city scape from top and be thrilled by the experience.

Before you decide on trying this attraction out, check first if you’re fit for the adventure. Anyone seeking to experience SkyPoint Climb must have at least moderate fitness and strength levels because they’ll be climbing 280 steps of stairs, plus some mid length step ladders. The ability to control their full body and have good hand eye foot coordination are also a must since this attraction will not provide walking aids to anyone.

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