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Sport An Undeniably Radiant, Sun-Kissed Skin this Summer

Posted in Accommodation @ Dec 5th 2015 4:10pm - By Administrator

For a beach addict like you, sunbathing is second nature. You cannot deny the rewards it offers: a natural way of getting your dose of vitamin D, a quiet time for yourself and, of course, a beautiful sun-kissed skin - thanks to the radiant sunshine.
But a beach addict like you would also know that self-tanning isn’t at all easy. Just a few minutes too long can spell the difference between a sun-kissed skin and one that’s burnt in all the wrong places.
This year, do it right. Before you say hello to the sun, keep these helpful tips in mind:
Clear the surface of your skin. How? Remove dead skin cells by scrubbing your skin with a sponge. Also remove unneccessary hair by waxing. By clearing the surface of your skin, you are closer to achieving an even, and longer lasting  tan.

Don’t forget your favourite sunscreen products. Loads of lotions, creams, and hair conditioners that have Sun protection formula (SPF) are available in the market. Products like these help shield your skin and hair from the sun’s harsh rays, so don’t forget to use these products before heading out.

Wear protective gear and avoid cosmetics. Arm yourself with an umbrella, protect your hair and face with your stylish wide-brimmed hat, hug your curves with a sarong, and shield your eyes with a pair of sunglasses. Also, skip your usual makeup, deodorants and perfumes as these contain chemicals that may have bad effects onto your skin.

Avoid being exposed to the sun when you can. From time to time, let your skin take a break from all the heat by taking shade. UV rays usually peak at around 10AM. Overexposing your skin to sunlight may cause terrible sunburns, premature ageing, and skin cancer. Soaking up the sun for a good 20 minutes every day sounds a lot better. Also remember to do it at a much earlier time.

Pump up on water. Don’t forget to drink water not just because you feel thirsty, but because your body naturally needs to be hydrated. Besides, you wouldn’t want to spend the rest of your trip whining inside the hospital because of severe dehydration or, worse, a heat stroke.

Pay great attention to your body, most especially to your skin because it suffers the worst during this time of the year. We hope these simple reminders will help you perfect the shade of tan you desire!

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