Don’t Miss! Crafted Beer and Cider Festival 2022

by | Jul 20, 2022

Are you planning a trip for yourself and your friends? The last weekend in August is a great time to visit the Gold Coast. If you like craft beer, you have the chance to go to the Crafted Beer and Cider Festival 2022.

Be aware that the festival is only open to people at least 18 years old. All participants must present a photo ID, so bring your driver’s license, passport, or proof of age card.

Since it began in 2017, the festival centred on tunes, brews, and simply hanging out has drawn large crowds and featured various brewers. On August 27 and 28, visit Kurrawa Park if you want to sample the newest beers from Australia or if you want to hang out with your friends.

Yes, two full days of music, beverages, and entertainment. So, in addition to the consistent classics from the brewers you love, don’t miss out on the abundance of festival-exclusive and limited-release beers. Gather your group and make your reservations immediately because last year’s tickets sold out in a flash.

Festival Brewer Lineup

Are you a newbie or a beer connoisseur? Whichever you are, you’ll have a challenging but fun time choosing from the 50 brewers this year at Crafted!

Balter Brewing

Your taste receptors come first is Balter’s central tenet. A cool can and a hip spot to hang out are fine, but if their beers don’t make you pucker up and smile, then we haven’t done our job.

Beer is more than just a beverage to Balter. It unites tribes and is a part of many memorable moments in life. So be sure to enjoy the beer Balter Brewing Company offers from Currumbin’s lovely shores.

Try their XPA, a fruity beverage that will send your taste buds into the joy zone with its tropical and flowery aromatics. Also, try Captain Sensible. This ale has a texture and flavour that defy its mid-strength status by balancing refined malt undertones with vibrant hop tastes.

Frank’s Cider

Here’s an exciting brand you might want to find at the festival, Frank’s. The Clark Family uses their pears, apples, Tasmanian raspberries, and cherries to make Frank’s Cider. It is a medium-sweet, transparent, sparkling cider with a taste of actual fruit that is crisp and energizing.

A great product requires time to prepare, and Frank’s has been around for over a century. Their trees, some of which are over 160 years old and come from Australia’s oldest heritage orchards, ripen later than any other in the Huon Valley. The flavour results from Tasmania’s chilly temperature and lengthy seasons during which fruit ripens on the tree.

Moffat Beach Brewing Co

Everyone, in the opinion of Moffat Beach Brewing Co, needs a break from the routine. They produce some of Australia’s most celebrated craft beers and some of the finest beers on the Sunshine Coast. Their beers are influenced by the people and places of the Sunshine Coast, from time-honoured favourites to seasonal releases.

Make sure to try them, too and enjoy them with your mates.

Of course, the event also features a fantastic food selection, like pillow-soft bao buns and low and slow barbecued brisket, which will have you drooling! And while you consume food and beverages, take in the festival’s stellar musical lineup. Remember the indie rock party-starters from Saturday and the relaxed acoustic and rhythm-heavy vibes from Sunday.

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