Fun and easy adventures for kids on the Gold Coast

by | Nov 25, 2014

The Gold Coast is a perfect holiday destination for families who wish to have a great holiday experience. This wonderful coastal city is teeming with so many splendid attractions and adventures—be it in the city centre or in the hinterlands—which give holidaymakers so many things to explore and experience throughout their holiday on the Gold Coast.

From world-class amusement parks and museums to amazing wildlife parks, and of course, the iconic sun, sand and surf, the Gold Coast will definitely provide the whole family with loads of fun and exciting adventures and activities to enjoy.

And for travellers who ware bringing their little ones with them, they’ll surely find a great selection of child-friendly places and attractions that feature excellent entertainment and educational experience for the kids. Listed below are some places where kids can enjoy a fun and easy adventure on the Gold Coast.

Known for its popular surf beaches which feature spectacular waves, the Gold Coast’s beaches are something you shouldn’t miss during your holiday and your kids will definitely have a great experience riding the waves and simply frolicking on the sand. Surfers Paradise Beach is one of the most famous beaches in the city, and the expansive coastal stretch leaves you with great beaches to discover.

For the little geeks and those who love sci-fi and other futuristic adventures, Infinity is a perfect place for your kids to experience a mind-blowing journey into spectacular, futuristic maze-like worlds of wonder. This place features series of 20 multi-sensual environments filled with extraordinary special effects, thrilling atmospheric sound fields, sensuous aromas, awesome music and astounding spectacular illusions that appear to go all the way to infinity.

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